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Our news section will keep you up to date with the latest news in the poker world, the latest news from the WSOP, poker tournaments, bonus news.....Everything that you need to know to keep you updated on the World of Poker!

News - Bodog update removed all the nicknames of the tables
Whatever if it is on tournaments or cash games now you do not know who you're playing on Bodog because the nicknames of the players are no longer visible since the last update of the software Bodog becamed the first room to hide the identity of the players on all tables.
News - Nanonoko wins APPT Macau
His nickname at the tables is one of the most recognized players from around the world, at the Team PokerStars Online he has proven now that quality is also playing live. Nanonoko received for winning this event $ 485,000.
News - Tobey Maguire reaches agreement to avoid trial in the case highstakes
In late June it was made headlines all over the side of involvement Tobey Maguire and other Hollywood stars to high values of cash games, played in Los Angeles hotels. Events which also featured Brad Ruderman, the focus of the investigation that led police and a complaint against Maguire.
News - Jake Cody signed by PKR Poker
PKR Poker has announced that it would make a big announcement, something more trendy, and would even do it. The winner of the Triple Crown of poker Jake Cody is his latest for Team PKR Pro. This sponsorship is the first career of the young Briton who came under the spotlight when he won the EPT.
News - Nevada will begin accepting permit Gambling applications from February
The direction of the Nevada State Gaming Control shall initiate the process of accepting applications for licenses from February, according to VegasInc. Licenses for online play, which requires licenses for online poker rooms.
News - Patrik Antonius playing on PokerStars?
There is a player - Fake Love888, which opened in 2007 a PokerStars account and that in recent years has not played a single hand at the tables of the largest online poker room in the world. Is suddenly back on the tables of high stakes game with a style reminiscent of Patrik Antonius.
News - Final table of the WSOP Main Event kicks off tonight
Starting from 20:30 the 9 finalists in the biggest poker tournament in the world, the WSOP Main Event, sit at the table will ultimately end in order to determine the world champion of poker 2011 (which will only know in the next Tuesday, for now the action is stopped when there are 3 players).
News - Cash Tables represent increase in revenues from Italian online poker
The final report of the Amministrazione Autonoma Monopoli di Stato dei shows the numbers of all sectors of online gaming, where it turns out a general decrease of 3.5% in gross revenues. Online poker bucked the trend with a growth of 14.2% last year.
News - Pocket Kings dismisses 180 employees from offices in Dublin
The Pocket Kings (the company that provides software, services, customer support and management of Full Tilt Poker) fired 180 employees from its headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. The news appeared in the Irish Times, where it is said that this move comes as the result of a corporate restructuring.
News - Marked cards and infrared goggles lead to the arrest of five people in Cannes
The news appeared on the Fox News site yesterday afternoon and speaks of the involvement of three Italian players and two casino employees in a scheme involving an invisible ink and use of infrared goggles to grab thousands of euros.
News - NBC Cancels Heads-Up Championship
One of the most popular poker shows and was on the air for the past 7 years, was canceled by NBC, announced the Director of Communications at NBC Sports Section - Adam Freifeld. There is still some hope that is just to cancel the 2012 edition, because there is the possibility of returning in subsequent years.
News - Groupe Bernard Tapie will appoint Trustees to Full Tilt
While the negotiations for a possible acquisition of Full Tilt by the Groupe Bernard Tapie, the latter shall appoint a curator who will replace the existing mission management team. This appointment in accordance with the site Subject: Poker is part of the measures.
News - Isildur1 will leave PokerStars?
It's the latest rumor, and one that has fueled international forums in the last few hours. Viktor Blom Isildur1 will be exit of Team PokerStars, for not having liked the room that the sponsors have allowed the players and Brian Hastings Brian Townsend "feel" the same tables it online.
News - Wembley Stadium in 2012 will get tournament with $ 30 Million Guaranteed
The International Stadiums Poker Tour is the latest adventure of Groupe Bernard Tapie in the poker world. The ISPT aims to revolutionize the live poker tournament, the excitement of tournaments leading to today's large arenas, football stadiums.

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