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Omaha Poker Rules

The Omaha Poker is played with high hands its is based On Texas Holdem rules altough it has several diferences from it, wich Im going to explain.


-Players are given four cards to play the game.


-The player is required to use only two of their four cards along with three letters of the five that make up the community.


-The maximum number of players is 10.


-Each player is dealt 4 cards face down (called pocket cards)and then it is initiated after the first round of betting.


-Turns process is the same as in Texas Holdem:


-Preflop - 4 cards are dealt to the players face down, starting in the small blind player.


-The Flop - the dealer distributes t the table the first three community cards faced up.


-The Turn - the fourth card is dealt on the table face up.


-The River - the fifth and final card is dealt faced up.


-The player with the best five-card hand winsthe and and the pot.

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