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Frequently Asked Questions at Free Poker Money



How do you test the poker rooms?


To ensure that all our games operate to the highest standards we work closely with 3rd party testing experts. The games go through detailed test procedures that look at every aspect of the game and playing experience. Games can only be added to the website when they are approved by our regulators; as an example the the Alderney Gambling Commission.


How can I be assured that this is not a scam?


I hate to look like an idiot! We have to admit this is the most frequently asked question. To be brutally honest with you, there is absolutely no way to establish our legitimacy. We perfectly understand the skepticism you might have about getting free poker money cuase no one does that, and also the anxiety involved after asking for the no deosite bonus. You might have doubts in the very beginning. But you will trust us for life after you get your bonus.


What while I am waiting for the bonus?


Well that is very easy start studying poker rules, strategy and also see a lot of videos and play with "play money" before playing with real money to practice your style of playing!

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