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Playing Poker like most of you should already imagine involves many hours of study documents and videos of strategy, any novice player should first know the game well and adopt an attitude towards it! Before even talking to the factors that a novice player should take into account and consider, we should mention the mistakes that you should not commit and the most common in young players.


- Management Banking: you should always play the stakes according to your bankroll you should usually have at least 50 buy-in ".


-Fear: Fear is something that you should never have to play as it reflects the attitude of the other players about you, as well as overconfidence.


-Tilt: Tilt it´s when it changes the way you play in response to recent events is one of the major problems not only for beginners but also has more advanced players, if you think that you are entering Tilt you should take a break and only when you calmer return to play!


-Number of tables: there should heed the false premise that the more tables in play will earn more, the number of tables that play should always be proportional to your level of play, speed of responsiveness as well as the fatigue factor should also be taken into account!


- Playing too many starting hands: Another beginner's mistake to think that the more hands to play the more you win, we all know that poker does not work like that and every time they go to the game should consider all factors in the first place!


-Inability to give good hands: often a beginner is reluctant to give up a good hand on the flop even if it has not been shown a good hand, we must have patience and wait!


Beginner Strategy:


To adopt a strategy we should take into account four factors:


1-position on the table;


2-Initial Hand;


3-Reading of the table;




1-position on the table;


To be able to make the correct decision, you need information from which to derive their decisions. If you are in the final position that has more information than you would sit in top positions acting first on each round. That is why the position is so important, it gives you information about how other players act.


Starting position:


Starting Position Chair 1 - a position also known as the small blind. This player has to make a small blind bet and the first in each round on the flop.

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