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Seven Card Stud Poker Rules

Poker Seven Card Stud, is the most popular version of Poker Stud altough is also considered the more complex, it is played by between 2-8 players, in wich each player is dealt seven cards, three of them faced down, and the other four with their faced upwards.


-In 7 Card Stud, each player must pay the ante (mandatory bet on the table before the game starts) to receive your cards, the preliminary start the pot and the total ante is determined by the set limit, each player will receive individual cards, starting the game with the player to the left of the dealer, the action proceeds clockwise, with the low card (lower chart) making the opening of the game (bring-in).


-In 7 Card Stud, players each in turn, have the option to: (fold|call|raise)


-Each player receives two cards face down and one face up (this is known as the "door card"), the smallest card, in order and called for suits: clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades.


The action begins with the bring-in, the size of the bring-in is determined by the limit of the game.


-With the next card face up known as 4th Street, the high hand (more or better hand) starts the action.


-If there is a pair that round, the players have the option to: (check| invest in smaller amount bet|bet the big bet)

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