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The world has never experienced a number of poker players online as today, the appetite for poker is growing every day not only in the US but in every single country in the world! There are five types of poker Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 7 Card Stud 7 Card Study Hi / Lo all of them have general rules and terms that you sould now before even thinking about asking for a no deposit bonus.


Poker Dictionary-Technical Terms:


All-in - bet all the chips.

Back Door - Hand made risky with the latest cards on the table.

Bankroll - Capital or amount of money you have.


Bet - To place a bet.

Blind - Bet imposed mandatory two players at the table sb and bb.

Bluff - To make your opponent think that your hand is different than what it actually is.

Dealer-Indicates who is the distributor's virtual table. The button will by turning clockwise, the players put to the left of the blinds.


Check-in time Pass.


Re-raise: Raise what has just peaked.

Deal - distribute the cards.


Fold- giving up your hand.

Kicker - A letter from a hand that is not used but a combination that determines who wins when there is a tie.

Hand - Combination possible with five cards of a player.


Muck - Hide the cards in case of defeat


Poker - 4 cards of the same value eg Q, Q, Q, Q.


Pot - The sum of these chips on the table.


Raise-Raise the current bet.


Sequence-5 cards of different suits in sequence.


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