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Playing Online Poker as Full Time Job

Career as a Poker Player is a Real Job?


In the last 2 years online poker has reached a scale so large that 2 in 10 people have played or at least have heard of online poker. So the issue then arises of poker as a profession, playing online poker can be considered as a profession?


The working definition brings us to something that produces a benefit to society, the production of a good based on a specific vocational training. Seeing the word work in the broad sense so we can then consider playing poker online or live as a profession because it involves the same issues.


A professional poker player should have a background in game strategy, I do not believe there is a player who has not, and produces a good and an asset to society by producing entertainment and movement of capital.


Although not legally recognized as that, in a future not so far, playing poker professionally can be regarded as a profession and have the same rights as other workers.


With the current financial situation of the country and the world facing poker as a solution to unemployment or even as an added value as a part-time should not be an idea so absurd as that.


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