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No Limit Poker Strategy

This strategy is intended to define the initial play hand in "No Limit" a kind of game where bets are free and are not limited by a fixed value, which is a type of game where you can go to games often because the initial bets are low!


The main objective of this article is to give you an idea of what hands to play in that position, you should not view this as an absolute truth but rather as "guidelines" for your future as a poker player! In No limit strategy the important is not winning the blinds because the blinds are very small compared with the Final Pot!


-Initial Position:


If no one had raised before you, you should go to the game with any pair up to 3.4 if no ace in the same suit (ie A5s). If nobody had raised with AA-QQ and AK. If someone has given the call with AK, AQ and QQ - 99 make a reraise with AA and KK. Reraising and call must be made with virtually the same cards from any position. This is due to the concept "GAP. " To call a raise or reraise all with the same hand no matter what the initial position: if the pot was increased and then reraised just play with AA and KK, give All-in here would not be a bad move! This goes for any position in which the pot was raised twice!


-Middle Position:


In middle position you can play some more hands. Now you can now call with any card suited to 53s. You should also start to raise with hands JJ, AQ.


-Final Position:


In the final position of the game should play more or less the same hands in middle position. If someone has raised in front of you will feel comfortable giving to call with two suited cards (ie 59s). You can also raise with 1010 and 99 in this position.

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