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Fixed Limit Poker Strategy


This strategy is intended to define what hand to play in the initial "fixed limit" kind of game where the stakes are always limited by a fixed value, which is a type of game in wich you should only go to the game early with strong hands!


The tables below should be used for table limits as low ($ 0.25 / 0.5) with 8 to 10 players, low-limit tables generally means more players loose allowing us to play more hands! In the upper limits will be tighter game will then play a little less starting hands. And understand that this table is not an absolute truth, but more than a starting point. The main objective is to give you an idea of what hands to play and in what position. Be aware that if you play too many starting hands you will quickly lose their money. I recommend that you do not play more hands than those presented below. The framework consists of six columns indicating the starting position, number of players who have given "call"before him, "raised Pot" if someone did raise after you, say what action should do in Another described here certain situations, and finally what cards must to play!


-Fixed Limit Tables:



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