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For those who consider themselves students of Poker and want to deepen your bases poker came to the right place, here are links and descriptions of books that were kindly provided free by uaccounts rapidashare megaupload users! All of them are written in english just download and start studying Poker! I have nothing to do with these links they weren´t posyed by me but by other user of rapidashare and megaupload.


Poker Books in English: Download


-PokerTracker Guide;

-The inteligent guide To texas Holdem Poker;

-Multi Table Tournament Strategy;

-The Eight mistakes in Poker;

-Matthew Hilgers Preflop Odds;

-Jonathan Schaeffer learning to play strong poker;

-David sklansky the eight mistakes in poker;

-Brian alspach mathematics and poker;

-Holdem Poker Strategy Complete Hold em Odds Handbook;

-Doyle Brunson´s Super System 2 - A Course in Power Poker Doyle Brunson;

-Advanced Texas Hold em David Stam;

-Hold em Brain King Yao;

-Winning Secrets Of Online Poker Douglas W. Frye Curtis D. Frye; - Basic Card Control and Forcing;

-Tournament Tactics Roy Rounder;

-The Theory of Poker Seventh printing Complete David Sklansky;

-The Mathematics Of Gambling Edward O. Thorpe;

-The Intellligent Guide To Texas Hold em Poker Sam Braids;

-The Education Of A Poker Player Herbert Osborne Yardley;

-The Definite Online Poker Strategy Book Poker Rewards;

-Texas Hold em Secrets Rory Monahan a.k.a. Roy Rounder;

- Solutions to the Odd Numbered Exercises;

-Poker A Guaranteed Income for life Frank R. Wallace;

-Poker Brain;

-Play Poker Like the Pros Phil Hellmuth;

-Playing Texas Hold em Online - The Professionals Guide A.J´. Mills;

-Phil Gordon s Little Green Book Phil Gordon;

-Phil Gordons Little Green Book Parte 1;

-Phil Gordons Little Green Book Parte 2;

-Online No-Limit Texas Hold em Poker For Beginners August O Meara,

-No Limit Hold em Secrets Roy Rounder;

-Introduction To Probability,

-Internet Texas Hold em Winning Strategies From An Internet Pro Matthew Hilger;

-Insider Secrets To Playing Texas Hold em Poker Online Theo Cage;

-Hold em Poker For Advanced Players David Sklansky Mason_Malmuth;

Harrington On Hold em Volume 3 The Workbook Dan_Harrington;

-Harrington On Hold em Volume 1 The Workbook Dan_Harrington;

-Full Tilt Poker - Tips from the Pros;

-Doyle Brunson s Super System - A Course in Power Poker Doyle Brunson;

-David Blane - card tricks;

-Championship No-Limit Pot-Limit Hold em T.J. Cloutier Tom McEvoy;

-Caro s Book of Poker Tells Mike Caro;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.6 Chapter;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.5 Chapter;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.4 Chapter;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.3 Chapter;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.2 Chapter;

-Advanced Texas Hold em Vol.1 Chapter;

-Ace On The River Barry Greenstein;

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