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For those unaware Heads-Up is a style of play in poker tournaments in which we only face one oponent! For those who like Heads-Up here are some tips on a strategy to be adopted!


The strategy to use the style of game Head's up completely differs from other types of tournaments because they are only two players at the table, having a tremendous change in all probability Wizard of Odds has a complete table with all the odds in Tournament head's up if you look closely at this table that summer lows as A2 in this type of tournament to produce some results! Another aspect to consider is to be aggressive and should use that aggression in Head's up when the odds are in your favor!




Playing too many hand-Chris Ferguson says he plays 70 to 80% of the hands in cases of head's up!


Press-will raise preflop with any hand that has positive, and any hand that has an ace or a king!


Initial Final position or it will always be favorable position because in the final position has the opportunity to control the last bet I saw in the pot, and in initial position can be check by controlling the size of the pot!


Playing the part-flop can usually put you ahead! To call with something like a middle pair, rarely leads to good results, but playing with a specific part of the flop can put you ahead of your opponent.


Give All-In- in this kind of game most players have no great hurry, but if you find a perfect hand do not hesitate! Like most players do not believe in perfect two hand followed, there is a tendency in the second All-In does not believe that thinking is a bluff and to call this the 2nd All-In.


Better than all these tips only the experience of many who have played Head's Up so start playing and will gain experience and learn with time!


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