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Beginner Poker Strategy


Chair 2-Also known as the big blind, has to make a forced bet big blind and act early in each round.


Chair3- Also called "under the gun player in this position must to play very cautiously because they may be made" raises "after him!


Chair 4 - This is also considered a starting position because there are still several players still to act.


In early position you should play very cautiously because there are still many players to play after you! Because if you have a weak hand and someone goes to call his "raise"will be throwing money away!


Intermediate position:


Chair 5-7 - are called intermediate positions. Gamers have sitting here a little more information because some players have spoken before them. Should it play with the same caution and only with good starting hands! The intermediate position will still have to play much because you still have problems, play pens with right hands to make a "raise".


Final Positions:


Chair 8-9 - are called final deposition. When a player sits down at the final position he or she has more information about what happened at hand, this information can in turn be used to steal pots "but also can double if other players bet big. Normally you can play more starting hands in this position.


Chair 10-also known as "Dealer. " The "Dealer" is the best position on the table because it has the most information and you can play more starting hands in this position, you can steal pots more easily than in any other position.


2-Initial Hand;


In deciding to go to the game or not you will have to make an initial assessment of your hand, position and the number and type of players, and type of game you are playing! The number of players is extremely important because the more players are on the table the greater the likelihood that some of them have a good hand, in other words when confronted with several players will need very strong initial hand! You should also watch your opponents in order to understand how they play, for example if your opponents play too many starting hands you should play on the other hand if they play defensively just play a few hands will do the same! If your opponents are playing a lot of liabilities should be starting hands on the other hand are more aggressive will play fewer starting hands. The number of starting hands you play will also be based on the type of game you are playing "No Limit" or "Fixed limit" in no limit you can play more hands than in fixed limit, because in no limit bets before the flop is very small compared to the final pot! For those who play tournament mode of play is very similar to No limit for bets on the pre flop are also very small compared with the final pot! Below I leave you two links to the tables which indicate which must hand to play in Fixed Limit and No Limit!

Fixed limit No Limit

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