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3-Reading of the Table;


-Playing only good starting hands will not make you a winner at Texas Holdem. To win at Texas Holdem will also need to master the moves post flop and it should be able to read your table. Over time, their skills with regard to reading the table (and their opponents) will greatly improve.


The "texture" of the Table.


-In assessing the cards on the table usually talk about the "texture" of the table, obviously not the tactile sense but in the sense of texture characteristics of the cards on the table and how those characteristics fit. For example, letters may be linked by the same suit oupor value of high card. Depending on the "texture" of the cards on the table your game should be adjusted in accordance with that letter. For example by three suited cards on the table is very likely that someone has a good hand unless you have not done a good hand with the flop if there is a raise will be better to give up!


In these situations it is advised to play very cautiously:


If the board is a double is very likely that someone has a triple! A couple at the table open for very strong hands.


When three letters followed is also very likely that someone has a straight!


If three cards of the same suit, then there is the risk of someone making a flush.


If two or more letters over 10 in sight.


As you can see that not only know their own hand, you should also know the possible hands of your opponents. Remember to always evaluate according to the flop and thereby examine its possible hands as well as your opponents!




-Poker is in many cases a game of chance is the probability that the hand will determine who will have a chance of making next letter, to be sitting in a month if you have two hearts in his hand and leaving two more hearts on the flop is then the probability out another card covers in order to have a flush that will define the way you play!


-Sample Probability To calculate the probability of any hand need to know how many letters have already seen and those that have not yet seen. In the previous example (with two hearts) there are nine cards that help your hand (13 less than four cups in your hand and on the table). As regards invisible ace cards there are 47 unseen cards on the flop (52 - 2 cards-3 cards on the table) and 46 on the turn. Now we can calculate the probability of obtaining the card that we want on the turn or river. The probability of getting a heart on the turn is 9 / 47 and river 9 / 46. In other words, it has 19.1% chance to get the letter you want on the turn and 19.5% in the River. Now let us consider how to proceed in this case. As we can see from above about 20% chance of the turn or river. If someone makes a big bet how to proceed?

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