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Our news section will keep you up to date with the latest news in the poker world, the latest news from the WSOP, poker tournaments, bonus news.....Everything that you need to know to keep you updated on the World of Poker!

News - Spain Intends to adopt absurd rules to Online Poker
The new law in Spain for Online Poker is definitely developed with its regulations, it is ridiculous all the rules that it has and the only result of this it will be the death of online poker in Spain. I have summarized the key points.
Full Tilt 2nd Hearing with Alderney - DOJ's Civil Complaint Amended, Alleges FTP Stole Player Funds
The 2nd Hearing of the Full Tilt Poker with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission to resolve the suspension of the license game began on Sept. 18 at 9:00 am in London at the Park Plaza Hotel. What will happen? We will keep you updated here!
BetMost Poker $10 Free No deposit Needed
Another no deposit bonus has been added to our free poker money offers, this time with a bonus of $10 free to Play on Betmost Poker one of the best Poker Houses online at the moment! The $ 10 bonus with no deposit given by PokerInside for BetMost Poker can only be used to play at Double UP Series of Poker!
Cool Hand Poker 5 Free No deposit Needed
We discovered another great no deposit bonus of poker, this time for Cool Hand Poker, a poker room from the microgaming network that has a bonus of 5 no deposit needed for all its new players with 2 to play cash games and 3 in tournament tickets.
News - Poker Online Future Without Full Tilt?
This article has absolutely no intention in affirming that Full Tilt will not return, we just want to make an analysis of the consequences it that happens! With the shutdown of Full Tilt Poker the most important issue is all the money that the poker players will not get back! This will cause a lack of faith on online poker
News - Online Poker rooms must Remove Casino Section?
legalization of online poker and the world will pass by the distinction of poker as a game of skill and not luck! Most online poker house should then remove the casino section of its lobbies for once and for all disappear with that wrong idea that poker is a game of chance! And thus create a clear image of poker.
News - Full Tilt Hearing postponed to September 19th
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission has decided to postpone the Full Tilt hearing again this time to September 19th, before the due date was September 15th and so it was given Full Tilt more 5 days to solve their issues. There was no justification for this delay AGCC only put this statement on its web site:
News - PokerStars stopped in the middle of the Night but it was just a scare
During the World Championship of Online Poker at night on September 6, 2011 PokerStars system crashed, while some players were offline and could not even re-connect to the poker room, others were in the game "stealing" the blinds of those that were sitting out!
News - Jeff Ifrah Interview on the Forum 2+2
Jeff Ifrah, the lawyer who represents many companies behind Full Tilt Poker and also Full tilt Poker players, agreed to answer questions on the forum 2+2 . Here is a brief recap of the most interesting questions and answers.
News - World Championship of Online Poker - WCOOP Schedule
Today will start the World Championship of Online Poker with a total of 62 tournaments and a total of 30 million dollras in prizes.... Here is the schedule of the events with date, time, event (buy-in) and prize.
News - Full Tilt issues statement about Investors
In a public statement released on PokerNews, Full Tilt Poker officially commented on the current state of negotiations with potential investors. In addition, the company apologizes for his recent silence and give a short explanation of this fact: "Dublin, Ireland (August 22, 2011) - On August 16, Irish based Pocket Kings Ltd., brand executor for the Full Tilt Poker moniker, concluded the exclusivity period of negotiations.
News - Indian War because of the California Online Poker
The debate about online poker in California has intensified in August, since lawmakers are less than a month to introduce changes in the law apply even in 2011. Among those in favor of approval are members of San Manuel and Morongo tribes of Southern California. On the other side of the fence are other tribes who joined the California Tribal Business Alliance.
News - PartyPoker changes Rake from Dealt to Weighted Contributed
PartyPoker is changing its rake structure and calculation, the change takes effect on Wednesday, August 24. The differences is by changing the method "Dealt" (rake of each individual player is calculated by dividing the total rake paid in hand by the number of players who are in it), for the method "weighted" (rake of each individual player is calculated based on percentage of money contributed to the pot).

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