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Spain Intends to adopt absurd rules to Online Poker

Spanish Absurd Nonsense Poker Regulation!


The new law in Spain for Online Poker is definitely developed with its regulations, it is ridiculous all the rules that it has and the only result of this it will be the death of online poker in Spain. I have summarized the key points.


1. It was removed the cap and 30BB can play with 100BB maximum. The minimum bb will decide the rooms (at this point if you could put 20bb and many would be happy to play sss, but expected to put it 30BB).


2. They have removed the daily deposit limit per month. So the system does not choke.


3. The maximum stake is the 1000NL.


4. Incorporate and Five Card Stud Five Card Draw (poker of life not previously provided), adding to Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha and Seven Card Stud.


5. The maximum buy-in tournament will be 250 (although the National Gambling Commission can arrange special events higher buy-in).


6. They say nothing of the rake. Is the decision of the rooms that we move in rake they pay taxes or not. Rake up a bit we're used to, but hopefully not much. And to say that since June rooms are already paying taxes but have not yet raised the rake.


7. You may not use e-wallets like Neteller or Moneybookers, one retreats to the current account, which will have to declare almost everything we win (which for Finance will withdraw and pay taxes so by 42%).


8. The depositors' money must be in Spanish accounts and securely and can not be touched for other functions not pay players.


9. The verification process stays the same, which activate an account. It will require much more time now and provide documentation from the first hour.


10. Spanish players can only play between themselves and this will definitely Kill Online Poker.


11. The gaming licenses are issued for periods of 5 years. I guess I go about granting the first licenses will appear different poker rooms. Is, and. Com as I have understood will operate until the end of the year.


As all of you can see this measures will end poker online in Spain, it this maket closure is followed by more european countries poker will be dead in Europe soon!


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