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Online Poker rooms must Remove Casino Section?

Here is a pertinent question that the Houses of Poker Online casino must remove section?


Let´s analyze recent events:


-Last month in Toulouse was decided in court that poker is a game of chance but of skill;


-In Brazil, to be discussed is the possibility of legalizing online poker tournaments based on the fact that poker is a game of skill;


-The two largest poker rooms PokerStars and Full Tilt don´t have a casino section;


Having said all that the legalization of online poker and the world will pass by the distinction of poker as a game of skill and not luck! Most online poker house should then remove the casino section of its lobbies for once and for all disappear with that wrong idea that poker is a game of chance! And thus create a clear image of poker as a game, a game that has nothing to do with blackjack, roulette, etc. sloth machines and should never be labeled as such or be treated legally the same way.


It is true that many home poker make too much money from the casino section, but they have to think about the long-term profit rather than short-term if they want to survive in the future!


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