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Jeff Ifrah Interview on the Forum 2+2

Jeff Ifrah Interview:


Jeff Ifrah, the lawyer who represents many companies behind Full Tilt Poker and also Full tilt Poker players, agreed to answer questions on the forum 2+2 . Here is a brief recap of the most interesting questions and answers.


Q: Do you honestly believe that all players will get paid? or is Ftp just delaying things as far as they can? Is the investor possibility much lower now then it was a month ago?

A: Since FTP started the process of speaking with outside investors that has been their entire focus 24/7. They have made crystal clear to every investor that the US players and European players must be paid.


Q: Is there any chance of all players getting paid without an outside investor providing a significant cash injection into FTP?

A: Personally speaking, yes, it will be very difficult for the company to meet all obligations without the help of an investor


Q: Have there been offers that would have paid all players in full but were rejected for other reasons?

A: No.


Q: Jeff, what is your and FTP's expectation, as far as the outcome of this next AGCC hearing is concerned? Another delay or license reinstatement?

A: This is really tied to the investor. The company is focused on showing significant progress to Alderney.


Q: Once/if an investor is confirmed. How long would you anticipate it would take for the site to open again? Closer to weeks or months?

A: I am guessing but I would say at least 30 days. Hey, I will be back on tomorrow morning, just lost power for the fourth time and am turning in.


Q: Is the deal negotiation still actively going on these days? Or it has stopped and FTP is still waiting for new investors?

A: Very actively progressing.


Mr. Ifrah took some time off work to answer this questions. According to him, he did not even charged Full Tilt for these services.


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