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Randy Lew - Nanonoko wins APPT Macau

Nanonoko wins APPT Macau:


His nickname at the tables is one of the most recognized players from around the world, at the Team PokerStars Online he has proven now that quality is also playing live. Nanonoko received for winning this event $ 485,000.


Nanonoko's fame comes from its performances in multitable and now finally with a great result live to further sweeten his resume.


On the last day of the APPT Macau Lew took 14 hours to claim the title, and had to work hard since entered the final table with the smallest of the nine stacks in play.


The fourth and final day of this tournament started with 15 players, Sangeeth Mohan is the leader with 2,425,000 chips. Among the 15 finalists highlight natural for Randy Lew had 845,000 chips and David Steicke who had 886,000.


To reach the final table of nine elements it were needed 3 hours of play (the final table bubble was Sangeeth Mohan, a leading early in the day) and they got these the stacks and positions:


1st Place: Randy Lew - 750.000

Seat 2: Jeff Rossiter - 1,725,000

Seat 3: Fabian Spiedelmann - 2,295,000

Seat 4: Zuo Wang - 2,180,000

Seat 5: David Steicke - 965.000

Seat 6: Fam Kai Yat - 4,515,000

Seat 7: Daniel Nordstrom - 800.000

Seat 8: Jimmy Pan - 2,010,000

Seat 9: Zheng Tai Tan - 1,685,000




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