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Groupe Bernard Tapie will appoint Trustees to Full Tilt

Groupe Bernard Tapie will appoint Trustees to Full Tilt


While the negotiations for a possible acquisition of Full Tilt by the Groupe Bernard Tapie, the latter shall appoint a curator who will replace the existing mission management team.


This appointment in accordance with the site Subject: Poker is part of the measures provided for in the acquisition agreement signed by the parties. The Trustees have the task of managing and protecting the assets of the company during negotiations.


During this period should not be paid any dividends or other payments to any of the shareholders of the company.


The responsibility for choosing the curator will be entirely of Groupe Bernard Tapie, and the current owners of Full Tilt will not have any say on the subject.


The current directors will approve the deal rather finalized the sale, which needs the approval of two thirds of the votes of TiltWare.


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