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Marked cards and infrared goggles lead to the arrest

Marked cards and infrared goggles lead to the arrest of five people in Cannes


The news appeared on the Fox News site yesterday afternoon and speaks of the involvement of three Italian players and two casino employees in a scheme involving an invisible ink and use of infrared goggles to grab thousands of euros.


The scheme involved marking all cards in a deck with invisible ink, allowing players who had special glasses, knowing the letters of opposition.


The leaders of the small Casino Les Princes des Cannes suspected when this group was able in August to earn about 44,000. Once called the police and this prepared a device capable of catching them red-handed, the next visit.


The three players returned in October and were already in the hall output over 20,000 in his pocket when they were intercepted by police. An employee of the Casino was also arrested, as well as an employee of a casino in Nice.


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