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Tobey Maguire reaches agreement to avoid trial

Tobey Maguire "Spiderman" reaches deal:


In late June it was made headlines all over the side of involvement Tobey Maguire and other Hollywood stars to high values of cash games, played in Los Angeles hotels. Events which also featured Brad Ruderman, the focus of the investigation that led police and a complaint against Maguire.


In July, Maguire proved, or attempted, that he had lost money for Ruderman but things would not be there. Brad Ruderman will have lost $ 25 million in these matches, it was not his money, but that's Investment Fund managed. Ruderman also is accused of using the Ponzi scheme, which promises high interest to investors, who are paid with the entry of more investors. Maguire appears as involved in the lawsuit?


The plaintiffs claimed that Maguire return more than $ 300,000 that would have won in a poker Ruderman, for this value to be returned to customers affected. Maguire has now proved however that he also gave money to Ruderman, through personal checks associated with two bank accounts holding only to manage the money for poker.


Today we reported the arrival in the parties' agreement, and payment by Maguire $ 80,000. Gabe Kaplan had already done the same and it is possible that the remaining indictee do the same, it is certain that Brad Ruderman will continue to watch the sunrise to the boxes for another year.




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