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Final table of the WSOP Main Event kicks off tonight

Final table of the WSOP Main Event kicks off:


Starting from 20:30 the 9 finalists in the biggest poker tournament in the world, the WSOP Main Event, sit at the table will ultimately end in order to determine the world champion of poker 2011 (which will only know in the next Tuesday, for now the action is stopped when there are 3 players).


The Penn and Teller Theater Rio Hotel & Casino are once again the venue for the outcome of the Main Event World Series of Poker, and ESPN2 will transmit the event with a delay of 15 minutes. Among the prominent commentators have confirmed Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari.


Among the nine finalists, and despite the leadership of the Czech Martin Staszko, favoritism leans toward the young Eoghan O'Dea, Matt Giannetti and Ben Lamb. The latter already won the title of WSOP Player of the year.


Seat 1: Matt Giannetti (24,750,000)

Seat 2: Badih Bounahra (19,700,000)

Seat 3: Eoghan O'Dea (33,925,000)

Seat 4: Phil Collins (23,875,000)

Seat 5: Makiievskyi Anton (13,825,000)

Seat 6: Samuel Holden (12,375,000)

Seat 7: Pius Heinz (16,425,000)

Seat 8: Ben Lamb (20,875,000)

Seat 9: Martin Staszko (40,175,000)


Today's action will be interrupted when there are three players who will return to Penn and Teller Theatre only next Tuesday. The first eliminated today knows that he has waiting for a prize of $ 782,115, after all other awards come in the millions ...


$ 8,715,638

$ 5,433,086

$ 4,021,138

$ 3,012,700

$ 2,269,599

$ 1,720,831

$ 1,314,097

$ 1,010,015

$ 782,115


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