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Shana Hiatt


Shana Hiatt was born in 1975 on the east coast, and was raised primarily in New Jersey. Even as a girl, Shana future career was being discovered, for eight years, Shana was very interested by the television, she would sit for hours in frenteTV, and watching the TV news broadcasters, Shana wanted a career as a journalist.


In adolescence, Shana would be an athlete in lacrosse after graduating high school, Shana enrolled in New Jersey Burlington County College to study journalism, chasing his childhood dream of television broadcasting, however, at age 18, Shana Hiatt Drop Dead Gorgeous was, not long before the modeling agencies to grasp. Shana began working as a model in part Time!


Shana married James Van Patten, brother of World Poker Tour commentator Vince Van Patten, and son of Dick Van Patten from the television series "Eight is Enough." James Van Patten, or Jimmy, encouraged him to pursue his interest in working in front of the camera, and became a huge success.


Shana is now 35, is married to Jimmy, and live in San Fernando Valley (Southern California), with their two dogs, and a cockapoo named Tyler Googoo Chihuahua and his Siamese cat, Gemini.


Shana is also a well-known television personality, who travels around the world covering the World Poker Tour events, and presents the National Heads-Up Poker Championship and Poker After Dark.


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