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Rush Poker is a new kind of poker game only avaiable on Full Tilt Poker, the way that Rush Poker works is very simple, you can play on cash tables or tournaments and there is an avergae of 500 players playing it. Once you´re at the poker table when you fold a hand you will be automatically taken to another table whether you folded in pre or post flop, you always change table after folding. It is the fastest game of poker in the world created to reduce the waiting time between hands.


Just like any other poker game Rush Poker will also be studied in order to get a poker strategy that will allow you to maximize your earnings and making a godd game. Untill today there is little material of strategy regarding the Rush Poker, so I will give some tips on what strategy to adopt for Rush Poker at cash tables.













7 Tips to Play Rush Poker


Play only with Premium Hands
At Rush Poker most players will fold hands regularly, so you should just go play with the best possible hands like big pairs AA, KK, QQ will be profitable in the long term, hands like AK and AQ duties to be cautious but will also be profitable, you can also go to the game with medium pairs like JJ, TT, 99 but you must take special care of especially if there are higher cards on the flop.
Play in Position
When you have a good hand and you're set to make sure you raise the ante in the "pre-flop" to get the most out of players hands with medians, and then continue to invest to get the biggest "pot" as possible.
Steal from Button
Even if the blinds are small and there are few re-raises long term stealing the blinds could become profitable as the speed of the game most players are willing and prepared to give up easily on their hands.
Avoid Limping
"Limping in" can be very tempting but unwise not only because there may be an increase in bets after you but also because if you catch a good hand on the flop the probability of the other player will also have a good hand bigger than yours and with a pair, because most players play with pairs in this type of game.
Avoid Marginal Hands
Avoid playing hands like middle pairs and high cards alone, unless you're in a good position or you have a good reason to play with them.
Don´t Defend Blinds
In a normal game when a player continues to continually rob you the "blinds" you should make a re-raise to demonstrate a strong position, but as this type of game people tend to only play strong hands is not advisable to defend blinds.
Take Notes
This may seem a bit difficult since there are so many players, but given that you play too many hands per hour you will often face the same players, and do not think that they will not take notes on you since it is very easy to do it on Full Tilt.



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