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A Little Bit of a Poker Reflection that makes us to think

Another WSOP is almost gone!


At the end of WSOP 2012 it is time to make a little bit of reflection about the last months of online poker, Full Tilt Situation has no need to be talked as we previous made it today.


Online poker is now regulated in Spain which it was a complete disaster, Spanish players can now only play between themselves, the poker rooms had to pay for taxes for years that even there was no legislation available! Anyway a total loss for the Spanish players!


In Germany Schleswig-Holstein was the only state that had online Gambling regulated now with the new government they want to kill that law and sign a deal with other states to make online poker illegal in Germany, and only give away a few licenses to betting companies, an absolute nonsense.


Where will online poker be with all this ridiculous laws??



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