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Phil Ivey owes $6 Million to Full Tilt Poker in loans?

Phil Ivey owes $6 Million to Full Tilt Poker?


From June 2009 until April 2011, Phil Ivey got money borrowed from Full Tilt Poker, at least eighteen times for a total of $ 10,715,000. Having paid some of that money to the poker site at least five times, totaling $ 5 million and was paid 1.2 million dollars by Full Tilt in payments and marketing benefits to Phil Ivey.


In a period of eighteen months from 2008, 2010 and 2011, David Benyamine won at least $ 800,000 from poker site in salaries and marketing payments and made at least $ 750,000 in loan payments to the Full Tilt Poker.


These data includes only those transactions that were recorded in the account of Ivey and Benyamine at Full Tilt Poker, then these data probably do not tell the whole story.


These data were brought to light by Subject Poker who had access to the internal system of Full Tilt, and examined the accounts of Ivey and Benyamine.


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