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Phil Ivey


Phil Ivey was born on February 1, 1979 in California in the United States of America is an accomplished player of Poker today and one of the most successful amongst the young!


Phil began playing poker at age 8 when his grandfather taught him to play five card stud, the first time he played poker for money was at sixteen! Between 17 and 18 went to the casino with a fake ID, ae 21 years strated to live from Poker! He owned several nicknames such as "No Home Jerome" and "Tiger Woods of Poker ". Like Gus Hansen, Phil is also associated with Full Tilt Poker is one of the brand names of the site! Let's see some significant milestones in the career of Phil Ivey:


-1st place U.S. Poker Championship on December 3, 2000;

-2nd place 1st Annual World Poker Challenge, Reno January 23, 2001:

-3rd place The Second Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open, Tunica to March 26, 2001;

-2nd place World Poker Finals, Mashantucket the November 10, 2001;

-1st place LA Poker Classic, Los Angeles on February 17, 2002;

-1st place California State Poker Championship, Los Angeles on June 16, 2002;

-1st place Bellagio Five-Star World Poker Classic WPT Championship, Las Vegas, April 3, 2003;

-1st place Championship Poker, Verona and 8 July 2004;

-3rd place Monte Carlo Millions, Monte Carlo November 8, 2004;

-3rd place World Poker Challenge, Reno March 29, 2005;




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