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New video from Negreanu - Epic Poker League and Ray Bitar

Negreanu Blog Videos!


The Canadian Team PokerStars Pro has released another video blog. This time starts when Negreanu talking about the declaration of Ray Bitar, Full Tilt Poker. After talking about the Epic Poker League, rather Jeffrey Pollack, creator of the Epic Poker League.


If for Negreanu, Bitar's statement says nothing, and could have been made on 1 May, for just say nothing. Have Pollack deserves more repairs.


Negreanu reads a text, where Pollack is nicknamed the snake oil salesman and says Pollack found a perfect business partner - Annie Duke.


The video this week is the longest of all that Negreanu has done, and it still has time to discuss the latest post Phil Galfond on loans and debts.


There are 20 minutes Negreanu who can see below:


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