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Jennifer leigh


Date of birth: August 10, 1983


Birth Place: Wilmington


Jennifer Leigh, best known in the world of poker Jennicide, is one of the highest ranked women in tournaments, professional player is to win more money playing online, also was invited to play Poker Royales 2005 Battle of the Ages.


Tila Nguyen was born in Singapore in 1981 and his family immigrated to Houston, Texas, when Tila was very young. Tila has always been a troublemaker, which led s to be sent to a boarding school for a boarding school until she was old enough to live alone, when she turned 18 she decided to move to Hollywood with the dream to become famous.


She was approached by Playboy to pose nude when she was roaming in a mall, she refused to accept any offer for only a few years later, Tila appeared in Playboy magazine in April 2002 and was the first Asian Cyber Girl of the month in September 2003 joined MySpace under the name of Tila Tequila, your page has been viewed more than 50 million times since it was a whirlwind of appearances, Tila was in 88th place in Maxim magazine Hot 100 list.


Your connection to poker is due to the fact that the two hold-launches online gaming sites, and In poker site, players can win Tequila Shots (the equivalent of Poker Points), playing in raked games and tournaments. Playtech is already the host of your online casino, making her a familiar face in the world of poker.


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