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Isabelle Mercier


Isabelle "No Mercy" Mercier is known for his aggressive style of play at the poker table, gave him the nickname "No Mercy" Mercier host Mike Sexton at the WPT (World Poker Tour) during one of his appearances on the television .



Mercier was born in Montreal, Canada on August 5, 1975, she attended the University of Montreal, where he earned his law degree while studying he worked as a blackjack dealer at Casino de Montreal, where she discovered her love for the world of letters. She has worked as a poker dealer and poker manager at the Aviation Club in Paris, which he left to pursue his career as a professional poker institutional role-players.


Recently, Isabelle was selected by to work as one of their ambassadors and participate in its online poker games, if you play online poker against Mercier, it can be found at


Mark Poker Isabelle:


2002-2 Place - Masters Classic of Poker No Limit Hold'em - Amsterdam (premium $ 53,500);


2004 - 1st Place - World Poker Tour Ladies Night '(U.S. $ 25,000 prize);


2004-5 Place - MCOP 2.004 No Limit Hold'em - Amsterdam;


2005-10 Place - European Poker Tour Grand Final - Monte Carlo;


2006-7 st place - European Poker Tour - Deuville;


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