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Full Tilt Hearing with Alderney

Full Tilt new hearing postponed until September 15th!:


Today on July 26, 2011 was scheduled Full Tilt's audience with Alderney to review the process of license suspension , thousands of players watched the developments online of the audience, held in London in the "Victoria Park Plaza Hotel."


The first part of the hearing was held in public, but after the request for the rest of the hearing ta be taken in private caused a bad reaction from the public, and even the professional poker player Harry Demetriou stood up and announced he was leaving the premises , saying aloud to the AGGC "And the players? Why are you protecting this corrupt company?".


The second part took place in private by the request of Full Tilt. Representatives of Full Tilt asked to postpone the hearing to a later date and the request was granted by the Alderney to allow Full Tilt to "pursue their commercial interests", they added that it is in "best interests of the customers of Full Tilt to give the company more time to finalise the investment".


Thus a new hearing must occur at the latest by September 15, 2011, may elapse before, although not the Full Tilt have said the new hearing shall be only taken after the negotiations with potential investors at Full Tilt are completed.


The only new data in this audience has been to get to know that Full Tilt beyond the players' accounts frozen, is also in debt of 250,000 in license fees to the AGGC.


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