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Full Tilt Poker Situation after a Year on July 2012

Full Tilt Poker Return a Puzzle that will be Hardly Solved!!!!


It has already passed one year since Full Tilt poker was shut down by Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and the situation has not changed but first let΄s take a look of what happened since June 2011:


• Full Tilt License was suspended on June 2011;

• On the first hearing on July they postponed a new hearing for September;

• On September 2011 after the Hearing the License was revoked;

• On October 2011 Bernard Tapie Group has shown interest in buying Full Tilt Poker;

• In May 2012 PokerStars buys Full Tilt Poker.


And after one year what do we have?


Still nothing but a hole of promises to get our money back, there is absolutely no respect for the players, and this week was very interesting, Ray Bitar got back to the USA and was arrested by the FBI a few hours after landing but only a couple days later he got bailed out and is on vacations with his family on California and we still got nothing.


There seems to be no justice in this situation, on trough out the World all Countries are now regulating online poker, in some in a good way in others not so much but anyway at least it is something, although we do not know if it will ever be possible to have all online US states playing poker, legalization of online gambling in USA it will most likely be state by state and there is a lot of conservative thinking in this matter, with a lot of prejudice to Online Poker.



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