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Fabrice Soulier Wins Event 37 WSOP 2011

Fabrice Soulier Wins $609,130 on Event 37:


The professional poker player Frenchman Fabrice Soulier won Event 37 WSOP 2011 ($ 10,000 HORSE Championship) thus winning the 1st bracelet of his career, a victory long overdue for Fabrice because he is a player who has come to many final tables since 2000 but never had won a bracelet.


Soulier entered in an event with 239 players but battled to the final where he faced the "heads up" with the Canadian player Shawn Buchanan on the 4th day of the event and won with two pairs and gaining him self$ 609.130 and $ 376.458 for Buchanan.


The other end of the table names were widely known as Andrey Zaichenko, Daniel Ospina, Tom Dwan, Matthew Ashton, Michael Binger and Jacobo Fernandez became the 3rd to 8th places respectively. With this victory Soulier became the 3rd French to win the WSOP this year was the other 2 and Elie Bertrand Grospellier Payon.




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