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Humberto Brenes


Erin Ness is probably one of professional poker players in the world more attractive. Not only is she beautiful, how to play the game and made some money doing it. Ness started playing poker so new in his hometown, New Jersey. Even studying at the University of Georgetown University she continued to play for menso three times a week and was known for that.


After college, Ness got a job as assistant photographer in Maxim Magazine, she won a competition at home for a place in the 2004 WSOP, which was when she first came to appear in professional poker. Being an attractive young woman, Ness quickly began to receive much attention in the poker world. Ness just surprised many people in your office and at the poker table after she finished in 207th place (the third greatest place female).


She was later absorbed by new projects with the poker in his life gained a character part time, including television appearances on GSN's Poker Royale: Young Bloods program where she finished second to David Williams and is also part of Team PokerStars.


Ness still has his job at Maxim, but attempts to play poker as much as she can. So, if this pump to sit beside him on the poker mind that it can steal your stack.


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