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Chris Lee Wins Event 29 WSOP 2011

Chris Lee Wins $254,955 on Event 29:


The professional poker player Chris Lee North American won the 29th event of the WSOP in 2011 ($ 2,500 Ten-Game Mix) thus winning his first bracelet in a career in an event with 431 players and four days' duration.


This was the first victory of Chris in live tournaments as for those who do not know Chris is a young university student who took a year to play poker professionally.


Final Results Event 29 WSOP 2011:


1 Chris Lee $254,955

2 Brian Haveson $157,491

3 Travis Pearson $101,258

4 Shaun Deeb $67,146

5 Kendall Fukumoto $45,839

6 John D'Agostino $32,200

7 Kevin Chance $23,248

8 Don McNamara $23,248

9 David Whitis $17,237

10 Joshua Weiland $17,237


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