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Chip Jett


McRae Charles "Chip" Jett was born on September 22, 1974 in Scottsdale Arizona, he is a north american professional poker player , one of the most popular in the World Poker Tour!


The nickname chip was suggested by a nurse at the time of his birth to his parents! Jett began working as a dealer in Casino India, but became a professional player when he realized he could make more money playing poker!


Jett did not reach so far any WSOPbracelet and its landmarks in poker is defined by a 2nd place in World Poker Tour (WPT) Event Million II cruise in March 2003, as well as the presence of two final tables in WSOP That same year, also won a 3rd place at seven-card stud event of the WSOP in 2005!


Jett is also married to professional poker player Karina Jett with whom he has two children!


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