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Ben Lamb Wins Event 42 WSOP 2011

Ben Lamb Wins $814,436 on Event 42:


The professional poker player North American Ben Lamb, won the event 42 WSOP 2011 ($ 10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship) thus earning a first bracelet in his career, remember that since the event 31 lamb had reached the final but lost the bracelet to Sam Stein but in the event again in the final 42 this time with the Finnish Sami Kelopuro not let victory slip away and won his 1st bracelet!


Regarding the difference between the two final Lamb said: "I mean, truthfully, I kind of played the Same Game is most of the time," Lamb said in relation to differences between the two finals. "When I got heads-up against Sam [Stein], the last hand I Was not really happy with my play. I wanted to make sure I made mistakes in heads-up [this time]. I feel like I played really well . I did get lucky I guess, but I got a little unlucky he Had The Hand That he HAD to call. I played the best I could, focused capabilities and the hard ones I could. "


Final Results Event 42 WSOP 2011:


1st Ben Lamb $814,436

2nd Sami Kelopuro $503.173

3rd John Shipley $396,575

4th Christopher King $273,575

5th Dario Alioto $204,113

6th John Kabbaj $153,517

7th Cory Wood $116,359

8th Josh Tieman $88,873

9th Hans Winzeler $68,410


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