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Andy Frankenberger Wins Event 28 WSOP 2011

Andy Frankenberger Wins $599,153 on Event 28:


The poker professional North American Andy Frankenberger the 28th event of the WSOP in 2011 ($ 1,500 No Limit Hold'em) thus winning his 1st bracelet in his career, in remarks Andy said: "This is my first big win of 2011, I can 't tell you how much this one means to me right now. It's just so important to me, this win, because when i won Legends, When I won Venetian, poker was very new to me. That I had not invested much into it in terms of time and energy ".


Final Results Event 28 WSOP 2011:


1st Andy Frankenberger $599,153

2nd Joshua Evans $372,498

3rd Robert Shortway $263,655$

4th Owen Crowe $190,147

5th Tyler Kenney $138,847

6th Steven Merrifield $ 102,600$

7th Thao Nguyen $76,747

8th Sidney Hasson $58,083

9th Bret Hruby $44,482


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